is a Google PageRank 4 website which means a link from us is valuable for Search Engine Optimization (SOE). We can offer you a free backlink to your site that should be about travel. All we ask for return is:

  1. That you write a high quality article of at least 500 words + a horizontal, unique picture, that we are allowed to publish.
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Free PageRank4 (PR4) travel link

A theme for your article should be travel-related. Feel free to write about a specific city or region in Europe, or perhaps some interesting place elsewhere. Or why not share a travel experience, an adventure or a similar story? In the article, we will place a link to your website which means you will get a free PR4 link just by writing some content. Also supply us with a suggestion of a site you will link back to us from. The reason we have this offer is that we need more travel-related content on in order to keep the site alive. So it is no scam, but rather a win-win situation.

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