Tips for Enjoying Cost-Effective Meals While on a Europe Tour

While a few things can increase your budget while travelling in Europe, drinks and food can top the list if you do not plan for them carefully or consume them lavishly. However, it is also true that you cannot miss the most famous or popular signature dishes that form an indispensable part of various European cultures just as traditions and language. Interestingly, there are many options for a budget traveler to taste these dishes. To this, the traveler just needs to add a smart strategy for saving as much as possible on the expensive and lavish dishes of the country. Here are such tips to follow on daily basis!

Target Farmer’s Market

Exploring Europe without a farmers’ market is something that no tourist would like to do. This is because it is not only a major cultural attraction but also a cost-effective way to find fresh and higher quality food than the grocery store. While most farmer’s markets are open daily usually only until afternoon, a few are open once or twice a week. This calls for planning to visit a nearby one. To save maximum money, visit the market when it is about to close. This is because some stalls sell their foods at discount at this time. So, remember to wander around to check what different stalls have on offer!

Look for Lunch Specials

Did you know that restaurants in different cities across Europe reduce lunch prices to attract business people? Well, you as a traveler can also take its advantage. Such offers have a menu with a few choices for a starter, main course, and a dessert. However, the quality is the same as an expensive or lavish dinner.

Share! Share! Share!

This is all about using common sense along with a sense of unity. Right from the street stalls to restaurants, you will definitely find hefty dishes that you can share with another pal or traveler. Especially kebabs at the street stalls fall in this category.

Grab a Free Breakfast

Several hostels across Europe offer a free breakfast. So, why not grab one? Although it is quite bland, it is worthy for a traveler on budget who do not wish to compromise on quality.

Have Tap Water in Restaurants

When you ask for water while sitting in a restaurant, the waiter is likely to give an expensive bottle. However, you can act a bit smarter and ask for tap water that is free as well as safe to drink.

Choose an Ethnic Restaurant While Not in a Tourist Area

Not many of us know but an ethnic restaurant such as Indian, Thai, or Chinese one is quite affordable, especially when it is not situated in a tourist area. They charge you more reasonably than what you might have expected.

Prefer Budget Options

Well, this category includes street food stalls, bakeries, and budget restaurants that offer filling meals for a competitive price. Each region has its own specialty, for example, Belgium has fries with sauces and France has crepes. Street stalls are likely to offer these specialties at most affordable rates. It is better to follow the locals for choosing the best stall or budget restaurant.

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